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Immigrant Integration

Public Charge Fact Sheets

Between the Biden administration's decision to drop its litigation defense of the Trump administation's public charge regulation and federal court dismissals of the government's previous appeals, the 2019 Public Charge Rule is no longer in effect.  As a result, the 1999 public charge guidance is now in effect.  Please see below for fact sheet on the 1999 guidance, created by Protecting Immigrant Families Illinois (PIF-IL).

DACA & TheDream Act
"If I Need . . ." Fact Sheets

Application for Benefits Eligibility (ABE) (recorded Fall 2021)

The Application for Benefits Eligibility (ABE) presentation provides an overview of the State of Illinois' online Application for Benefits eligibility (ABE).  Part 1 is 12 minutes in length and parts 2 and 3 are 20 minutes in length.

ABE (part 1)

ABE (part 2)

ABE (part 3)

Child Tax Credit (Changes Resulting from ARP) (recorded 06/29/2021)


Navigating Public Benefits for Non-Citizens (recorded 02/16/2021)


Immigrant Eligibility:  SNAP and Cash Assistance (recorded 02/22/2021)


Navigating Health Coverage Options: Immigrant Eligibility (recorded 02/25/2021)


Manage My Case (recorded 05/31/2019)




Chinese Mandarin


Health Benefits for Immigrant Seniors (webinar recording)



Temporary Suspension of SNAP Work Requirements


Able bodied adults without dependents will be limited to the length of time they can receive SNAP benefits.

Download "Overview" to learn:

  • Who is affected

  • How to qualify for increasing the amount of time ABAWDs can receive SNAP benefits

  • What ABAWDs should do

Time Limits

Download "Time Limits" to learn Client action suggestions for:

  • People who are chronically homeless

  • People in drug or alcohol treatment programs

  • People receiving domestic violence services

  • People responsible for the care of an incapacitated person


Certain able bodied adults without dependents are exempt from the work requirement.

Download "Exemptions" to learn:

  • Who qualifies for an exemption

  • How to request an exemption

  • What proof is needed for an exemption

Community Resources

Download "Community Resources" for contact information for community resources that may be able to help with the following:

  • Explain the new rules

  • Determine if you meet an exemption

  • Help you find work or training programs

  • Answer questions

DHS Forms & Information

SNAP Work Requirement - Medical Service Provider Unfit to Work

SNAP Work Requirement - Request for Exemption

SNAP Work Requirement - Request for Exemption (Spanish)

Change in Reporting Requirements

Change in Reporting Requirements (Spanish)



Interpreter Training Resources

Ch. 2 - Techniques & Skills

NCIHC - Sight Translation and Written Translation (Guidelines for Health Care Interpreters)

Ch. 2 - Techniques & Skills for Bilinual Glossaries, Dictionaries, etc.

Ch. 4 - Ethics & Values

National Code of Ethics for Interpreters in Health Care (NCIHC - Jul. 2004)

Ch. 4 - Ethics & Values

National Standards of Practice for Interpreters in Health Care (NCIHC - Sep. 2005)

Ch. 7 - Abuse & Neglect

Red Flags of Elder Abuse

Ch. 7 - Abuse & Neglect