SOAR stands for SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access and Recovery and is a best practice model sponsored by SAMSHA.  The program focuses on eligible adults who are homeless or at risk of homelessness by assisting them with SSI/SSDI benefit applications.  SOAR facilitates communication among SSI/SSDI benefit applicants, case managers, Social Security Administration, Disability Determination Services and community providers.

National Data indicates that since 2006, there have been 22,863 decisions on SOAR-assisted initial applications with an approval rate of 65% in an average of 94 days.  Nationally, only about 29% of individuals who apply on their own for these benefits are approved on initial application with an appeal taking an average of one year to complete.

SOAR training can be completed online in approximately 16 hours.  The training is geared toward case managers, but anyone is able to take this free course. For more details visit SOAR’s course introduction.

The Federation currently hosts the Illinois SOAR Team. If you have questions or concerns about SOAR in Illinois please reach out to State Lead Kristin Hartsaw ( or State Coordinator Jordan Durrett ( Or visit the Illinois SOAR Website at