DuPage Trauma


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This profile provides an overview on resilience and childhood adversity, the current DuPage landscape, including existing resources, gaps in services, and how providers and stakeholders assess and approach trauma and healing in their community, and provides recommendations informed by our research and the input of local experts.

This profile provides facts about persons experiencing homelessness in DuPage County, describes existing and potential resources devoted to homelessness, identifies gaps where resources are inadequate to meet current needs, and makes recommendations on approaches to better meet the needs of individuals and families who are homeless.

The Hidden Face of Homelessness


There has been an abundance of research conducted on early childhood on a national and state level, but, until now, t has not been drilled down to the county level.  This report does just that.  It provides a baseline of where early childhood stands today in DuPage County.

A Profile on Early Childhood - Baby Steps to a Brighter Future in DuPage County


Mental Illnesses are common and can impact anyone regardless of age, gender, race, or income. There have been strides made to improve health coverage for behavioral health needs; however, treatment gaps still exist and health coverage does not always mean access to care when an individual needs it.

Behavioral Health Community Profile


'New Neighbors . . .' offers data, analysis, and recommendations about the changing suburbs and the disparities in education, prosperity, and health outcomes that are associated with this change and why suburban communities are particularly challenged in addressing these local issues.

New Neighbors, New Challenges and New Opportunities in the Suburbs


The purpose of this report is to provide decision makers with the information they need to understand the impact of poverty on the individuals and communities affected by it, and to respond to the needs of low-income persons in DuPage County. The goal is to focus attention on ways to help working poor households become economically self-sufficient and move up the economic ladder.

Too Much to Get Help, Not Enough to Get By


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The Needs Assessment takes an in-depth look at the major trends that form a general description of the health and human services challenges in DuPage County and provide call-to-action  recommendations based on the research.

DuPage County Community Needs Assessment