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IFRP - ICIRR Partner Resources

DuPage Federation on Human Services has a long history of supporting its community partners efforts to assist their clients with access - language access and public benefits access.  We do this through education, technical assistance, training and language access services.

We are pleased to provide language access resources, interpreter training, public benefits training, and technical assistance to ICIRR partners, free of charge for qualifying circumstances. We have dedicated this page to ICIRR partners and populated it with information and resources we believe would be useful to you. 


You will find information and access to current trainings (interpreter and public benefits), access for requesting language assistance services, and additional resources.  We encourage you to review what is available and to contact us if you have any questions.



Language assistance provides a non or limited-English speaker the ability to access a range of community services.  DuPage Federation's Language Access Resource Center (LARC) has three main goals:

  1. Provide a pooled resource of trained interpreters for health, human service, and educational organizations.

  2. Provide health care and/or human service focused interpreter training for individuals and organizations.

  3. Provide language assistance consultation services and resources to individuals, organizations, and institutions.


About LARC Language Services

Interpretation Language List

Ten Tips for Working with An Interpreter

What is a Trained Interpreter?

Telephonic Language List

Interpreter Trainings & Professional Development Workshops

LARC provides several types of interpreter training programs, free of charge, to ICIRR partners.  To learn more, including a comparison of the two programs, plus currently available trainings, use the buttons below.

IMPORTANT - Before registering for interpreter training, you must successfully complete a language assessment.  To schedule a language assessment, you the button below.  When scheduling your language assessment, make sure you check the ICIRR partner box and then use the following 100% discount code: ICIRRIFRP

In addition, LARC provides professional development workshops throughout the year to those interested in learning more about interpreting.  Topics vary and have included Interpreting in Mental and Behavioral Health Care Settings, Remote Interpreting, Immigrant and Refugee Settlement, Confidentiality and Professionalism, etc Use the button below to see our current offering of professional development workshops.

Language Assistance

DuPage Federation's Language Access Resource Center (LARC) is pleased to provide language assistance to ICIRR partners free of charge.  We can provide in-person or virtual interpreters, over-the-phone (telephonic) interpreters, and document translations. 

To request language assistance, follow the instructions listed below for the specific assistance you need:

In-person or virtual interpreters

Please complete and submit the Interpreter Request form.  We will follow up with you regarding your request at the email or phone number you provide on the request form.


Telephonic interpreters

To utilize an interpreter, you will need a toll-free number and access code.  Both of these are provided in the "How To Access and Use a Telephonic Interpreter" document you can download below.

Document translations

For all document translations, please email us at  In the subject line use "Grant Funded Provider Translation Request".  Attach the document(s) you need translated and provide us with the language(s) you need the document translated to and any other relevant information we may need to fulfill your request.



Child Tax Credit (Changes Resulting
from the American Rescue Plan) 
(webinar - 06-29-2021)

The Work Programs of Social Security

 (webinar - 01-13-2021)

COVID-19 & Public Benefits Update

 (webinar - 10/20/2020)

The Work Programs of Social Security

 (webinar - 01-13-2021)

ABE (Part 1)
 (webinar - Fall 2021)

Impact of Criminal Records and or Incarceration on Public Benefits

FAQs - Planning Employment Goals

ABE (Part 2)
 (webinar - Fall 2021)

ABE (Part 3)
 (webinar - Fall 2021)



DuPage Federation's Public Benefit's program has developed several eLearning modules on several public benefits topics.  ICIRR partners can access these training modules free of charge, by clicking on the images below.

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