ICIRR Partner Organizations

Interpreter Training Opportunities

Language Access Resource Center (LARC) is pleased to announce that employees of  ICIRR partner organizations qualify to participate in interpreter training at NO COST to the partner organization!  Partner organizations can choose from two different types of interpreter training.

  • Training consists of 60 hours classroom and 20 hours practicum (externship)

  • Classroom topics include

    • Interpreting techniques​

    • Modalities of interpretation

    • Ethics

    • Standards of practice

    • Cultural competency

    • Terminology

    • Current laws and regulations

    • Role play

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Eligible to work as an interpreter in own organization and other organizations

*Please see comparison chart for differences between IFRP Interpreter Training and Regular Interpreter Training.

Interpreter Training*

  • 20-hour asynchronous course with four (4) opportunities to interact with your instructor and classmates via Zoom

  • Classroom topics include

    • Standards of practice

    • Ethics

    • Protocols

    • Interpreting methods & techniques

  • Participants will be provided with tools and resources to increase vocabulary and interpreting skill set

  • Certificate of Participation

  • ​Increase participants' effectiveness and abilities as a bilingual resource for their organization

Community Interpreter Basics (CIB)

Interpreter Training (Regular)
IFRP Interpreter Training (Hybrid)
IFRP Community Interpreting Basics (CIB)
Language assessment passing grade
75% or better
75% or better
any results are accepted
Classroom "live" (synchronous)
60 hours
40 hours
4 x 45 mins offered
eLearning module (asynchronous: self-paced)
approx. 20 hours
approx. 20 hrs
Instructor support
Time frame
10 weeks
7 weeks
4 weeks
Practicum portion
minimum of 20 hours
minimum of 20 hours
Curriculum emphasis
Medical interpretation, plus discussions to include interpretation in educational, human services and legal settings
Community interpretation, including introduction of the following areas: educational, human services and legal and medical settings
Community interpretation
In-module knowledge checks
Final exam written
Final Knowledge Check
Final exam oral
Qualification earned
Certificate of Completion (Trained Interpreter)
Certificate of Completion (Trained Interpreter)
Certificate of Participation (DOES NOT qualify as a trained interpreter)

Comparison Chart

Interpreter Training Requirements

In order to register for either Interpreter Training you must have completed the following assessments:

  1. Language assessment (written)

  2. English language assessment (oral)

  3. Target language (non-English) assessment (oral)

Please note - to take the Professional Interpreter Training, you must have a score of 75% or higher on your written assessment and an "Advanced" or higher on your target language oral assessment.

Training Schedule

FALL 2022

Interpreter Training (Regular)

  • Dates:  September 22 - November 22

  • Day(s): Tuesdays & Thursdays 

  • Time:    6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

  • Location:  Online via Zoom

  • Focus:  Medical, plus interpretation in educational, human services and legal areas are discussed as well

  • Certificate of Completion

Interpreter Training (IFRP Hybrid)

  • Dates:  October 8 - November 19

  • Day(s): Saturdays 

  • Time:    9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

  • Location:  Online via Zoom

  • Focus:  Community interpretation and human services areas

  • Certificate of Completion

Community Interpreting Basics (CIB)

  • Dates:  Live November 7, 2022

  • Day(s): Participants will have four opportunities to interact with instructor and classmates (attendance is required at a minimum of three sessions)

    • November 18 (10:00 AM)

    • November 21 (1:00 PM)

    • November 30 (10:00 AM)

    • December 1 (1:00 PM)

    • December 5 (10:00 AM)* - final knowledge check (score will be reflected on your certificate of participation)

  • Location:  Online, self-paced modules with supplemental classroom interaction via Zoom

  • Focus:  Standards of practice, ethics, protocols, and interpreting methods and techniques

You may start the self-paced module begining November 7, 2022.  You may continue to access it at any time of the day or night at your own convenience for four weeks.​