Welcome to DuPage Federation’s web page for all your census solution needs. Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions as well as the latest resources to help you and your community make sure everyone is counted. If you have any questions, concerns, or resources you’d like to see featured here, then please contact us at censussolutions@dupagefederation.org

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anxieties in Your Community

A lot of people in our community are anxious about completing the 2020 Census. We’ve developed a guide to address barriers with motivating messages.  You can access the guide here.

Connect to Your Complete Count Community

Complete Count Committees bring people from the community together to brainstorm solutions to local barriers that might keep people from completing the 2020 Census. Connecting with your local Complete Count Committee is a great way to help make sure your community is ready to be counted. You can find out more about these committees as well as how to contact your local committee here.html

How to Spot Census Trolls

The Census has not been cancelled as some might have heard, likely brought on by circumstances resulting from the Coronavirus.  The Coronavirus caused a temporary suspension of in-person operations, but modifications have been made, including the push-back of the timeline.  The Census Bureau is currently waiting approval that would allow for the completion of the Census count by April 2021. 


Not all incorrect information about the Census is a result of a misunderstanding like the Coronavirus.  Some erroneous information is intentional. To learn more about misinformation and disinformation about the Census and how to be on the lookout, download How to Spot Census Trolls here.

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