The DuPage Federation on Human Services Reform is a collaboration of government and key community organizations that identify ways a local community can address its human needs using its own resources and resourcefulness.

The Federation serves as an organizer and catalyst in DuPage County, bringing together the responsible organizations and advocating for development of real solutions. It is the only organization doing policy analysis and systems change work on human services issues in DuPage County. We effect change by managing collaborations and projects, identifying needed systems changes and making recommendations for improvement.

The Federation's value lies in its expertise and objectivity. The fact that it is not a direct service provider preserves its ability to look at the big picture, addressing cross-categorical problems in human services. We do this through a strong, involved board, a synergistic partnership between Board and staff and through long-term relationships with key decision makers and organizational partners.

When we make improvements in a system, it benefits real people in a very tangible way.

Chair & Director

Maureen McHugh

Theresa Nihill
Immediate Past Chairperson

Candace M. King
Executive Director

Our Mission

The Federation's mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people in DuPage County by leveraging relationships and knowledge to build an effective and efficient health and human service system.